Config = object
  header*: string
  langConfigs*: Table[string, TConfig]
  outputRootDirs*: HashSet[string]
  skipImport*: bool
  tabbing*: int
An object that stores user configurations.   Source Edit


CALLER_DIR: string = getCurrentDir()
Directory from which wings is ran from.   Source Edit


proc initConfig(header: string = DEFAULT_HEADER;
               langConfigs: Table[string, TConfig] = DEFAULT_CONFIGS;
               outputRootDirs: HashSet[string] = DEFAULT_OUTPUT_ROOT_DIRS;
               skipImport: bool = DEFAULT_SKIP_IMPORT;
               tabbing: int = DEFAULT_TABBING): Config {...}{.raises: [], tags: [].}
Create a config to be used.   Source Edit
proc parse(filename: string): Config {...}{.raises: [IOError, Defect, OSError, ValueError,
    JsonParsingError, Exception, KeyError, GenericError], tags: [ReadDirEffect,
    ReadIOEffect, WriteIOEffect].}
Parse the given config file in the path.   Source Edit